While this is old, I still occasionally struggle and fear that I am returning to my old life. Which makes me almost that crippled…

When my ultimate goals are smashed by beads of glass.
The winds come crashing down as the voice cries
out in the distance fog covers the steps so eyes are blinded and none are able to feel their way.
Imaginary sadness breaks as laughter erupts amongst fools
Celebrating their minimal wisdom as if silenced by the noise.
my mouth cannot open as I remain entranced by the lone Figures walking on the beach hand-in-hand mocking one another Out of hatred and bitterness.

Despicable lies cover the cement floors as the blood drives and drips. Hairs are clipped to acknowledge the death and end of wisdom….

This continues for two pages in my journal. I must continue to remind myself how far I have come and how long I have been alive.
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If I can recover and do fairly well, then so can you!
My challenge is for you to do one thing you’re afraid of right now.

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