What is the purpose(of my life)?

man wearing blue jacket holding a brown stick towards the heart drawn on sand
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Have you ever wondered why you were put onto this earth?
Why are people here and suffering?
What do I care about? What gets me excited…?

Thinking about these questions used to send me into a panic, but that changed because of a few things. Would you like to know what has changed my life?
The first thing in my life is my kids!

Ten years ago when I had my son, I was in awe. I adored him and most days was very happy to be a Mom. As he grew older, I still adore(d) him. Yet somethingchanged where I wasn’t always able to enjoy his cute laugh, toothy grin, and lanky body…

While I was struggling mentally and emotionally, I learned about DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This, along with an amazing therapist (and different medication) allowed me to enjoy my child once again.

The skills that I have learned can be beneficial to anyone. Mindfulness, DEAR, and Observe/Describe/Participate are among the first lessons that come to mind when thinking of this. Oh, it’s not easy and some days I still feel kind of listless and overwhelmed.
There are still anxious habits I have(biting my lip, clenching my jaw…) but overall I have found happiness in my children and am finally beginning to enjoy life and time alone!
Finding what I was here for(motherhood and helping children with special needs) brings accomplishment and joy.

Now, I have something even more. When I found out more about poverty and human trafficking, I had to join a company where I could earn some income as a single Mom, bring people out of poverty, and empower women worldwide! Honestly, I am the last person you would see as “selling” anything but with Trades Of Hope I tell stories, share hope, and step out of my introverted comfort zones with clients! {Let me know if you would like to learn more about what I do and how you could, too.}

All in all, am I glad my path hasn’t been easy? That’s hard to say but since I have struggled, I may as well try to let my story out and share what helped bring joy back into my life!

What has brought purpose and joy to you? I would love to hear what has helped you and what pushes you onward!


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