Friday Nights as a Mom

Do you ever think about how different your Friday nights are because you’re a parent?Before motherhood, a Friday night alone might signify a loner or loser. As a mom, a night alone and uninterrupted is glorious! I can be laying in bed in my pajamas reading and feel like it’s a personal party!
Mom life makes me so grateful! I am so thankful when I get to sleep in until nine or 10 in the morning. I feel blessed when my children are playing together happily! I am also grateful when my kids don’t hear me getting into their Halloween candy or catch me eating ice cream for breakfast.
I don’t usually mourn my weekends spent doing my Mom duties-however a night out would be nice once a month or even once a year!7CF72584-B1C2-4AF0-A4F8-6AEB4A3587AB

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