The true cost of realistic thinking


Do you ever feel undeserving of love, praise, or recognition? I know I sure have and still sometimes struggle to accept the blessings in my life with grace.
At my national convention last month, the top seller said that it’s ok to want a life full of pleasure, happiness, success…She spoke of how we are all deserving of an abundant life! I don’t know about you but oftentimes I get stuck in my negative thinking and self-doubt.
While it may seem at first glance unrelated to goal setting, I’m becoming aware that it is connected!! If you feel undeserving, then how can you unapologetically chase after your goals? Think about it….

One other thing that stuck out to me at the convention was the statement,

“What is it costing you to be realistic?”

My apologies that I cannot think who said these wise words, but I was awestruck upon hearing them. Just imagine if we set our sights on traveling-and our goal is to visit California. While it’s very beautiful, I would encourage you to stretch yourself and set higher goals. Hawaii or Alaska, at least. Hopefully Italy or France!

You deserve a life of abundance! Now go after it!!

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