Why did I eat all of that?! Impulsivity halted by mindfulness

Have you struggled with being impulsive? Do you do something and then regret it later? Surely I cannot be the only one who eats almost all the cookies in sight all at once! Anyone else eat a whole pizza by themselves? Or perhaps steal something just to try it? Maybe you have impulsively gambled away $200, or drank until you passed out. Whatever it may be, you have most likely done something big or small and lived to regret it. Am I right?

One thing that has helped me with my impulsivity is now being taught in schools and done in DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It even helped me through childbirth pain, honest! What is it???


Maybe you have heard of it and thought it meant meditation. While I am not a therapist or Doctor, I would explain it as focused attention on one aspect of life. Your thoughts are fully on one thing. You can focus on your breathing-one of my favorites! Or one may choose to concentrate on their facial expression and relaxing that, or perhaps savoring a piece of chocolate very slowly. It can be done anywhere at anytime.
I would recommend beginning by setting a timer with three minutes and trying this. At first, it’s very difficult and our minds wander to all the errands that need to be done, the tightness of our pants, or a pain in our shoulders.
When this happens-and it will- just bring your thoughts back to what you are focused on. Don’t judge the fact that you were distracted. This gets easier with practice!!

I will look back at my notes and try to share more ideas but this is one thing that helps me calm myself down, fight negative thoughts, and control my anger. I’d love to hear how you practice mindfulness when you begin or maybe you are already a pro….I need to go back to the basics and practice what I preach now.


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